Yesterday I had another free studio day and was able to continue working on my Botero-inspired piece. When I wrote about this project several days ago, I mentioned that I was scared of this piece and that is still very real, but I am slowly…..oh so slowly…. feeling better about it!!!

When I stopped last week, I had done a lot of thread work…..

Now it was time to add something other than thread.

My first choice was to add some wool leaves and ended up using a needle-felting process to make the leaves……

I added some more that were lighter in color…..

….which made me realize that the bottom leaves were too dark. DRAT!!!! Instead of taking them off, I simply added some light-colored wool roving and stitched over the darker ones. It worked great!!

Next, I decided to play with some couching, using various bits of yarn that I have floating around. This was where the morning ended……

I filmed a video showing the needle-felting process and the couching work. I hope that you enjoy it!!

Later yesterday, I was able to do the fabric painting and make some other decisions about the piece so be sure to come back for more!!