Back to the Sadie Background

Okay…..Ya’ll don’t laugh at me!!

After my last post exclaiming vehemently that the background was FINISHED…..

….I kept looking at it on my wall and the blue/green/brown BLOB on the left was killing me!!!

I couldn’t STAND how it looked.

And you all know what I did!

I got out my paint and my trusty sea sponge….

…and I went over that entire area with a light yellow…..

And NOW, I feel that it is finished…..

….at least the painting part.

Now I need to play with embellishments and see what else I can add to the meadow area.

You guys are going to be SO tired of this quilt before it is finished!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!

Sadie’s Background….Iteration #4.5!!

Well, after 4 tries, I think that I am finally happy with the background for the Saddle-Billed Stork collage.

Yesterday, I posted about painting this background……

As I looked further at it, I realized that I wanted to add a bit more shading to the two blue-green areas and also some more definition to the meadow in the foreground.

I decided that the best way to fix the meadow was using my trusty sea sponge and made a video to show you the process. If you have never worked with sponge painting, it is fun, easy, and adds SO much texture to the painting….

This is the final view…..

I am not super happy with the dark blue/green on the top left, but I think that I can work on it more with the quilting.

However, I AM super happy with the meadow area…..

It is going to be so much fun to add threads, thin pieces of fabric, and other yarns to make this area stand out.

Stay tuned for LOTS more!!!

Inktense Pencils for the win

As many of you know, when I am at the gym on the Elliptical or Treadmill machines, I watch Youtube videos and learn LOTS of new things. One day I even convinced myself to buy a sit-down longarm…..that was an expensive gym day!!

But back to current findings!!

On this particular day, I was watching videos about using Inktense Pencils on fabric. Now this one wouldn’t cost much since I already had a set of pencils and sticks that I wanted to learn about….

Well, it did cost a bit because the video suggested using a fabric medium to set the paints…

I started out with dry fabric and used the side of the block to scribble in some color….

Since this was going to be the background, I wanted it to form a mottled wash so I started using a sponge brush and water….

Hmmm….maybe that was TOO much scribbling!!!

I kept adding water and scrubbing the fabric, and finally came to a color wash that I was happy with….

Now it was time to add the flower design. I first drew it lightly on the fabric using the black Inktense pencil and then started adding color…..

At first, I was drawing on the fabric and then coming back in with fabric medium…

But sometimes I would dip the brush in the medium and then brush it across the sticks to pick up color and then paint it on the fabric.

Eventually, I will get a video posted of the process!!

Before long I had the design painted and even added a bit more color to halo the flower…..

I added two borders….

Then it was off to the machine to do a bit of quilting and binding…..

And, just like that, I had a quick gift!!

I can’t wait to explore these further!!!

Fun times await…..

I love quilters!!!

They are some of the most generous people around. I have met very few who weren’t willing to share their stash, their tools and supplies and their expertise with anyone who needed it.

As an example, I was contacted by my friend Pat asked if I was interested in some paint supplies that she would never use. Naturally, I couldn’t turn down an offer like that!!!

But, I was totally surprised when I opened the package and found all of these Shiva Paintstick sets…..

…. a series of stencils that look to be SO much fun……

….AND a pattern and rubbing plates for a Christmas quilt……

When I add in the stencils and rubbing plates that I ALREADY own……

…..I am thinking that there is going to be some FUN creating going on soon!!!

Stick around to see!!!

Painting the meadow

Yesterday was painting day….YEAH!!!

Before I started painting, I added a few more couched yarns to the top……

I was pretty nervous about applying the paint but once I had my dyeing apron on…..

…..I knew that I could do it!!!

I mixed up the two paints that I needed, adding quite a bit of water so that they were really thin…..

I also sprayed water over the top of the fiber art before I started painting. To apply the paint, I used three makeup sponges that were stuck together…..

Starting at the top, I began sponging blue paint…..

Then I moved to the green, using paper towels to blot up any excess paint…..

This is one of the interim looks for the piece…..

I kept on going, mingling the blue and green so that it didn’t look so much like a line between sky and meadow. I also mixed in some darker green, adding some highlights.

When I was finished with the actual painting, I added a few more details….. the daisies were lightly rubbed with a blue metallic paint…..

…..and a few darker highlights were added with a copper paint…..

This was the final result of the painting session……

I am quite pleased with it, especially liking the white highlights in the sky and the dark couched yarns.

Now I am off to learn about free-motion embroidery of the flower elements…..or maybe I will just leave it as it is!!!!