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Freezer Paper to the Rescue

Don’t you hate it when you need to paint one little piece of fabric but you don’t want to have to put down plastic and get out all of the paint trays…. and the palettes….. and the brushes…. and everything else? 

Try this next time!!

Grab a piece of freezer paper and cover your table with it.

Because it has a waxy surface on the back, no liquids are going to travel through the paper to the table…..

You can even use the paper to mix your paint, meaning that you don’t have to clean a palette after you’re done…..

For most of my botanical painting, I prefer to use a sea sponge, and yes, I have a FAVORITE one!!

Just dip the sponge in the paint palette a few times on the paper…..

And then paint the fabric….

The best thing about this is when you were done, you scrunch it up…..

roll it all into a ball…..

…and throw it away!!

So next time, skip the plastic and head for the freezer paper 

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