It’s Christmas Decorating Time

In the last post, I mentioned purchasing the Brobdingnagian (our favorite new word meaning REALLY, REALLY BIG) Christmas tree.  Well, we had a wonderful time decorating it, starting with Michael on the 10 foot ladder…..

DSC07394 We laughed at the tiny little star but it was the only one that we had so guess it will have to do!!!

He continued adding lights and ornaments on the top 1/3 of the tree and then I took over for the bottom 2/3rds……


I found that since I had to climb a stepstool to get to parts of the tree, I would load up with every ornament that I could carry!!


It turned out wonderfully….



After finishing the tree, I moved outside and added some lights to our deck…..


It was such fun to have the new house to decorate and was so nice to not have to climb rickety stairs up into the attic to get to the decorations!!!!  I especially enjoyed decorating the mantles and it was fun to have TWO of them to decorate….


I have never had a place to properly display the stockings so this has been a real treat…..


Here are a few more of my favorite spots in the house…..










It is so nice to have the decorating done….now if I can just get started on my shopping!!!!

It’s finished….whew!!

Our house is now back to normal again, except for the DVD cabinet that arrived today and has to be constructed.  Michael and I worked hard this weekend and got everything cleaned, painted and the furniture back in place.  Here is how it looks…..

IMG_0048IMG_0049  We are thrilled with how the floors look and Michael dropped a hammer on it yesterday and it didn’t dent so that is a good omen!!!

I have been really busy with a huge accounting deadline of November 15th, but that particular project is finished so MAYBE I can get into my studio sometime in the near future!!!!

End of day update

Well, it is 7:45pm and the workers are still here laying the flooring….they certainly have a good work ethic!!!!

The living room is finished and looks great……IMG_0030

The kitchen is well underway…..look at the wonderful linoleum layer that they found.  Guess it matched the autumn gold appliances that were in the house when we moved in…..IMG_0033  This was our bedroom picnic dinner…..


And unfortunately, this is the state of one of our bathrooms……

IMG_0037 Apparently the toilet has been leaking at the seal and has rotted out a portion of the floor.  Not exactly what we wanted to hear, but I guess it beats finding out when the floor caves in under you!!!!

So, on to tomorrow…….

House remodeling means no sewing!!

We are in the process of putting wood laminate floors into part of our home and it is causing much turmoil.

Here is a current photo of my studio…..


When I look at this, I realize that we have WAY too many DVD’s and books!!!

Mine is not the only room in tatters….her is Michael’s office……


And this is the current state of our living room, with fresh paint on the walls…..

IMG_0027The trim in the kitchen has been primed too and I will throw a coat of paint on it in the morning before the floor layers get here.

Hopefully all will look much nicer tomorrow evening!!!!   BUT, then comes the pain of moving everything back into place!!!!

I wait in anticipation…….