Remembering at Easter…..

I have a set of quilts that I use for each month of the year….hearts for February, ocean scene for June, sunflowers for August….you get the idea!!

Most of these I have made over the years but there are a few that my mother made and the quilt that I use during the Easter month is one of hers…..

Interestingly, it is a quilt that she didn’t particularly like but I loved it, probably because of the amazing applique and quilting.

In particular, I love the “extra bits” that were worked into each of the blocks….

The ruched flower….

….the 3-D flower buds….

the “gathered” bells…..

….and the fabric that she used for the leaves…..

And then there was her quilting…..

Every stitch was even and perfect!!

It is coming up to the 6th anniversary of her passing and putting this quilt out at Easter is a wonderful reminder of her and her love of quilting!!

If you have thought about trying ruler quilting but didn’t where to start, check this out……

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

Happy Easter Sewing


Yesterday and today I finally made it upstairs into my studio to do a few things.  But first, this……


had to be turned into this…


AAHHHHHH….much better!!!!

The first thing that I wanted to do was get a few pieces ready to send to my Mother so that she has stuff to work on.   She had previously embroidered 4 blocks and wanted some more to do, so I got out the light box and started tracing designs……


I cant remember if I have already mentioned this tip, but I was told to use a blue Prisma Color pencil to draw the patterns.  It seems to have worked well with the first set of designs so I used it again today.

Next was something fun…..I finished the Valentines mug rug that I started back in February….see the original post HERE.  The bright red color in the photo on that page dried to a much softer and nicer pink and I added a few quilting lines to the background.


I searched high and low for a fabric to use on the binding and my eye settled on a small piece of Japanese silk that was given to me years ago.  I think that it made a nice frame for this small piece.

So, with one project completed, I can enjoy a cup of tea and some kicking back  time for Easter…….


Hope you enjoyed your holiday too!!!