How do I store my fabric paints

Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of fabric paints, from bottles, to squeeze tubes and everything in-between.

When I purchased the last set back in November, I looked at my big bag of STUFF and realized that something had to be done about them!!


Then my eyes landed on these nice boxes that were in my office…….

They had once held Tax-Return client folders but I thought that this might be a much nicer use of them!!

My first task was to figure out which of the paint bottles were still viable and I ended up toss a good number with dried out contents.

Because I often purchased these in sets, I often had more than on in the same color so I marked thosee bottles with a line around the lid…..

…alerting me to the fact that I needed to use the older of the bottles.

Finally, I added a date to the lid of the new bottles that I was adding…..

They all fit perfectly in one of the boxes…..

The squeeze bottles (and a few specialty paints) fit perfectly in the second box…..

The final box contained all of the miscellaneous bits and pieces that I have picked up over the years…..

So, now I feel a little bit better about how my stuff is stored!!!

Do you have a special way to store your fabric paints??? I am ALWAYS open to suggestions!!!