Binding or facing….

Now that Sadie is basically finished, I needed to decide how to finish the edges…..binding or facing??

Since the quilt has many threads and other stuff on the surface, I was a little concerned about using a facing. I was worried that the edges wouldn’t turn under well!

BUT, I felt like binding would box her in too much.

After much thought, I decided to give facing a try!!

I started by cutting several strips of fabric, 2-1/4 inches, and folding them in half lengthwise.

I laid two out along both of the long edges of the quilt and clipped them in place….

Then, I placed another strip along the other sides, overlapping the strip over the previous strip…..

Trim these two strips so that the ends fall in the middle of the first strips.

Now, sew all the way across each of the four sides, using a 1/4-inch seam allowance…..

The seam runs ALL THE WAY across the quilt…..

Press the four seams out, away from the quilt…..

You will not be able to press very far into the corners….

Carefully, trim off the corner…..

…..and turn the corner….

Roll the facing to the back, being sure that none of the facing fabric shows on the front…..

I like to iron this in place, using lots of steam!!

Hand stitch the edges to the back.

And your quilt is FACED!!!

How to Face a Quilt


When I was at Arrowmont, Elizabeth Barton gave us a fantastic demonstration of a different method of facing a quilt.  I used this as I was finishing “Wheatley”.  Here are the steps……

  –  Cut four, 6 inch squares of the facing fabric.  Mark 2 inches in from opposing corners and free-hand cut an arc between the two marks…..


    –  Cut a 3 inch strip  from the facing fabric.  Fold in half lengthwise and press.

  –  Measure the sides of the quilt and subtract 11 inches from the measurement.  cut the strips in lengths equal to this.


  –  Lay out the facing as shown…..


  –  Sew each of the pieces together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Note that the arcs are slightly longer than the strips.

  –  Place the pieced facing (face down)   on the top of the quilt and pin in place…..


  –  Sew around all four edges and then clip the corners….. DSC01231

  –  Gently turn the facing to the back of the quilt….DSC01232

  –  Press the edges straight, turn under the bias curves, matching them to the pieced strips.  Pin in place and then stitch by hand…..


The finished piece lies flat and the corners are square …..DSC01236

…..and it is SO SO SO SO easy to do!!!!!