Westalee Spinning Wheel #21

I have one last Westalee ruler to demonstrate so today let’s have a gander at the Spinning Wheel #21…..

This ruler is a bit different in that the stitching doesn’t always return to the center of the “wreath”. Instead you stitch from Point A to Point B and then shift the ruler.

Have a look at this video to how easy it is to use…..

I love the design that it produces…..

I hope that you enjoy using this fun pattern!!

Westalee Spin-E-Fex Ruler #3

I have taken a small break from demonstrating the Westalee Spin-e-fex rulers but there are still two to go. So, today let’s take a look at the Spin-E-Fex Ruler #3…..

As you can see, this one is shaped a bit differently to the others. It produces a nice leaf or floral type design.

Have a look at the video and see how much fun this particular ruler can be…..

The “wreath” design is pleasing…..

….and if you flip the ruler over every other petal, you get a tulip sort of design when the two petals face each other……

I think that you will like the simplicity and ease of this ruler so, if you have it, pull it out and give it a whirl…..literally!!!

Exactly how is this going to look??

I haven’t been quilting with rulers for long, but I have wondered how I could see what a pattern would look like before I started quilting it. I have asked myself how to know if a design would fit into the block or border that I was working on.

Westalee Rulers has provided the perfect solution to this dilemma….

Check out this video for a demonstration of how they work…..

This system could also be used to mark quilts for hand quilting or for Free-motion-quilting without a ruler.

Personally, I am excited to find out what happens when I mix and match my rulers and designs and this method sure beats having to quilt it out to see if I like it!!