Exactly how is this going to look??

I haven’t been quilting with rulers for long, but I have wondered how I could see what a pattern would look like before I started quilting it. I have asked myself how to know if a design would fit into the block or border that I was working on.

Westalee Rulers has provided the perfect solution to this dilemma….

Check out this video for a demonstration of how they work…..

This system could also be used to mark quilts for hand quilting or for Free-motion-quilting without a ruler.

Personally, I am excited to find out what happens when I mix and match my rulers and designs and this method sure beats having to quilt it out to see if I like it!!

2 thoughts on “Exactly how is this going to look??

  1. I’m very new to ruler quilting too.
    I just got my Janome 6500 back from her first visit to my dealer after purchasing 15 years ago.
    The thread was shredding because of burrs on the hook and when I moved my needle over to the center of the foot it was almost touching the edge of the single hole plate. I put the other plate on. Everything seems good now.
    I got what you blogged about for one of my Christmas gifts. 🙂
    I’ll watch your video in a bit.
    Thanks for sharing.

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