Inktense Pencils for the win

As many of you know, when I am at the gym on the Elliptical or Treadmill machines, I watch Youtube videos and learn LOTS of new things. One day I even convinced myself to buy a sit-down longarm…..that was an expensive gym day!!

But back to current findings!!

On this particular day, I was watching videos about using Inktense Pencils on fabric. Now this one wouldn’t cost much since I already had a set of pencils and sticks that I wanted to learn about….

Well, it did cost a bit because the video suggested using a fabric medium to set the paints…

I started out with dry fabric and used the side of the block to scribble in some color….

Since this was going to be the background, I wanted it to form a mottled wash so I started using a sponge brush and water….

Hmmm….maybe that was TOO much scribbling!!!

I kept adding water and scrubbing the fabric, and finally came to a color wash that I was happy with….

Now it was time to add the flower design. I first drew it lightly on the fabric using the black Inktense pencil and then started adding color…..

At first, I was drawing on the fabric and then coming back in with fabric medium…

But sometimes I would dip the brush in the medium and then brush it across the sticks to pick up color and then paint it on the fabric.

Eventually, I will get a video posted of the process!!

Before long I had the design painted and even added a bit more color to halo the flower…..

I added two borders….

Then it was off to the machine to do a bit of quilting and binding…..

And, just like that, I had a quick gift!!

I can’t wait to explore these further!!!