A good light goes a long way

I just signed up for Medicare which tells all American readers that I am rapidly approaching the magical age of SIXTY-FIVE!!!

My eyes have never been wonderful, but lately, they seem to be getting worse….especially for those sharp-pieced points and tiny applique stitches that are so important to us quilters!!

A while back I purchased a wonderful lamp from “Daylight Company”…..

It bends in almost any direction that I need and can easily sit over my shoulder to provide light on a larger area, or between my eyes and the needle to focus that light where needed!!

This is the floor model and I now own TWO of them, but they also come in different configurations, including desktop and clamp on versions.

I also use it when I am trying to photograph quilting designs… beaming the light from one side makes tons of difference…..

…but the REALY reason that I love this lamp is because it reminds me of “Star Wars”….

I know that you remember this guy from the Cantina scene!!! Can’t you see the resemblance!!

Do you have a favorite lighting source???