Fun with Mary Stori

About a month ago the talented Mary Stori visited our local guild for the meeting and then a wonderful one day workshop.  I was fortunate to be able to attend both events and came away with a new love for using beads in my projects.  I also enjoyed Mary’s quick sense of humor which comes thru in many of her quilts……just look at this one…..


….isn’t it cute.  All of the cow outline is done with tiny beads and all of the dots in the binding are beads that she added too.

In the workshop she showed many examples of how to attach beads and also how to use the beads to accent a piece or even to be the entire design element.  She was very willing to share all that she knew and yet helped us to each find our own way….


She brought many examples of her work including these beautiful leaves…..


I thought that this street scene  was so cute…..


These four beauties were made from discharge dyed felt pieces.  The one on the top left came home with me……


This was my favorite piece.  It is so sweet and simple……


When I was getting the supplies together for this class, I found this small piece that I had played with when I first bought my felting machine.  I didn’t think that much of it but thought that it might be fun to play with…..


I place a piece of tracing paper over the top and did a few drawings to get an idea of what I wanted to add….


I forgot to take photos during the further work, but here is where it stands right now…..


It has been fun to add the beads and other hand-work to the project.  Maybe I will get it finished someday!!!

A fun morning with Mary Stori

On Tuesday morning, I traveled to the Lake Oconee Quilter’s Guild meeting to hear a talk by Mary Stori.    She is a wonderful writer and speaker and provided a fun morning….._1041285
Her talk was entitled “Let It Shine” and in less than 45 minutes, she had me hooked on the idea  of using beads on my quilts.  She told us that the two secrets to beading are spacing and stabilizing, and then she proceeded to show many examples of how to accomplish these tasks.
She encouraged us to make sure that the beads were well integrated into the quilt….either as the focal design or as embellishments designed to enhance the project.  She also encouraged us to use different types and sizes of beads to bring more texture to the project.
These are some of my favorite quilts that she showed……
You may need to click on this photo to be able to actually see the beads, but they are scattered carefully over this simple trapunto quilt and just add SO much to the design….._1041284 This quilt is called “Fish Sticks” and is WONDERFUL!!!!!
_1041280 This little bead and button garden was so cute……
Finally, this parrot really captured my imagination……_1041282Now, I have never tried beading before and never really thought that I wanted to, but I am starting to re-think that philosophy.  We are going to be in China for 5 weeks this year and I have been trying to figure out what I could take to work on, but now I am thinking about creating a quilt top with simple fused flower shapes and taking beads to embellish it with.  Who knows, I might even find a good bead source while I am there.
SO, it seems that driving to this talk was a good CHOICE for the first Tuesday of 2011!!!!!