Can it GET any smaller?

One of the exhibits at the International Quilt Festival was called “Micropiecing: 200K”. MAN was this category amazing!!

Instead of the limbo mantra of “how low can you go?”, the quilting version is “how SMALL can you get?”.

There were 21 quilts in this exhibit, all made by Amy Pabst. The quilts focus on a traditional pineapple block done on a VERY small scale. All blocks are 2-inches or less and the strips are 1/8-inch wide OR LESS!!

The series was considered complete when the total number of pieces reached 201,751!!!

Many of these were pieced on a 1947 Singer Featherweight!!

These are a few of my favorite quilts in this exhibition…..

“Sari Not Sari”

Linda lent her hand to show a bit of perspective….these are TINY blocks.

I loved the low-volume fabrics in this quilt but I bet that it was a pain to piece…..


“Sharp-Dressed Man” was designed using a friend’s discarded ties……

“Sharp-Dressed Man”

Just look at these blocks…..

This was one was my favorite because of the different designs formed by using light and dark fabrics…..

“Peaches and Cream”

This quilt was made with 1/2-inch blocks, with 34 pieces in each block…..


I can’t say anything but WOW!!!!

She made this quilt to be entered in “Festival of Quilts” in England and she knew that a miniature quilt would be cheaper to ship……SMART!!

“Tight Pineapple”

Finally, this quilt was made to emulate a stained glass window…..

“Stained Glass”

I would say that she achieved that easily!!

Tomorrow we will have a look at some two-color quilts!!