125 or BUST

If you are new to this blog here is some context before you read this……

I am a self-employed CPA and I work from home. This gives me a lot of flexibility with my time but I find it easy to procrastinate my time away…..


Over the last seven months, I have complained both online and in person about not having time to be creative. Most of this was my own fault by taking on too many tasks, and saying yes, when I should’ve said no

When we got back from our trip in late June, I had lots of accounting work that needed to be caught up on. Once again, I complained bitterly

Then, about the 10th of July, I made a deal with myself…….

I would work my butt off to get all of my accounting work done by the end of the month!!

Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t have more work as time goes along, but I wanted to be completely caught up with the urgent things, and with the things that were in my “too-hard” basket.

As I write this email, it is July 31st and I am finishing up the last of my accounting duties so I DID meet my side of the deal!!

So what’s gonna happen tomorrow… when August begins?

I decided to set myself a big goal.

I want to spend 125 hours being creative in the month of August… That’s four hours every…..single…day!!

Is this goal doable?

I don’t know, but I want to push myself and see what I can accomplish.

Now, how am I going to keep track of my goal to see if I get 125 hours?

I started to get onto my computer and build a spreadsheet to keep track of my time but finally decided to KISS…..

….and use the diary that I already have.

My plan is to highlight the hours that I spend each day so that I will have a visual representation of what I have accomplished…..something like this……

This creative work will not just be quilting. It may be planning, reading creative books, working on my Frances Quilts business plan, painting, learning Procreate and anything else that tests my brain in a creative manner.

I am going to boldly put this blog post out.

I honestly don’t know if I can attain it, but I’m sure going to try

I plan to give updates along the way.

IF you want to join me, set a goal for yourself, and let’s get started.

Wish me luck!

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