Playing with Acrylics


Several months ago one of my very creative friends (Jennifer at Jennifer Jangles) had a clearance sale on her ETSY site and I purchased a series of canvas flags and a couple of small stretched canvases. 

Just after I got them, I spent a few minutes and painted them with Gesso to get them ready for playtime….IMG_1066 Then, life took over and I didn’t get a chance to go back to them.

SO, two weeks ago I had a few minutes and decided to play with some paint.

I was painting on my cutting table, so put down a large piece of freezer paper to protect the surfaces.  The paper came in handy when it was time to try out my design idea……DSC08543

I traced the design onto the flag with pencil and started painting……


Well, that turned out ok!!!

The next week I decided to try another one and headed upstairs again……DSC08546

That one turned out even better!!!

I wanted to show what I am using for a pallet.   It is the plastic insert that contained mini quiches that I cooked for a party.  Each tray has 24 small cups and has proven to be perfect for this use…..


Today I had a few minutes and decided to make a third in the series……


This flower isn’t as good, but I like the background a lot better and am happier with getting a better stroke with the brush.

I am using VERY cheap paints and brushes and know that it is effecting the quality, but I don’t care because I am HAVING FUN CREATING and that is what it is all about!!!!

Hope you get to create today too!!!!