My how times have changed!!!

As I have continued to re-populate my studio, I have been thinking carefully about what I wanted to keep and what needs to be permanently deleted!! In thinking thru this, I decided that I needed to do something about my magazines. In the last years I have only subscribed to two quilting magazines…..”Quilting Arts” and “American Quilter”.

I LOVE my “Quilting Arts” magazines because they have so many good techniques and ideas. I enjoy the “AQ” but started wondering if I really wanted to keep all of them. SO…..I grabbed one box (dating from 2004 thru 2010) and started working thru each one.

I found that there were only a few articles that I was interested in…..mostly ones about specific techniques that I might want to try. So, I tore those pages out and will scan them and keep them in a digital format. Out of this initial batch of 27 magazines, I only kept a few pages!!!

BUT, it was so interesting to read thru the articles and see what were the new and exciting things back in the early part of this century!!

There was one article introducing Online classes and another called “Long Arm Revolution.  Today, these are definitely passé!!

Most of the machine quilting designs were actual patterns that you had to draw onto the quilt instead of the now popular free motion designs. The “newest” thing was stippling!!

It was fun to remember “George”……

One article touted methods to design using pre-printed panels. I tried to find one of these last year for my quilting practice and they simply don’t exist anymore!!!

There was an article about Katrina relief and several about making and sending fabric postcards.

It was especially fun to see a notice for our guild quilt show back in 1997…..

The newest batting was “wool”….no one had even THOUGHT about using Bamboo or Silk. And, the idea of using beads on a quilt was just taking hold with NO mention of using hot-fix crystals!!

As I went back even further….into the mid 1990’s, I loved this computer photo touting “Cyber-Savy Quilting”.

It makes me wonder what is in the future for the art of quilting and what people in 2050 will look back on!!

As for me…..BRING THE NEW IDEAS ON!!!!