The Aquarium Quilt

It is time once again for….

In 1993, my friend Sandy announced that she was expecting and that she was planning to decorate the baby’s room in a “fish” motif.

I IMMEDIATELY started thinking and planning a quilt to welcome this new addition. Remember that way back then (in the stone age), we didn’t have access to Electric Quilt or other design software so I was relegated to graph paper and pencil…..

My biggest design problem was figuring out how to make the quilt without too many inset seams!!

The first draft of the pattern only had 3 fabrics for the background water but in the end, I decided to use more than that. Of course, part of the decision may have been made because I didn’t have many large pieces of any one fabric. That would NOT be a problem now!!

In my notes about the quilt I wrote…..”The piecing was difficult, but was a lot of fun to do!!”

The back was inspired by a pattern for a goldfish bowl and from the fact that Sandy was a huge cat lover….still is!! The fish in the bowl are made from “cat” fabric, making them Catfish!!!!

It is fun to look back at quilts from a different time!!!

Do you have a favorite quilt from early in your quilting career???

Meadow for a favorite “Wildflower”

This is my friend Lyn……

…..all spiffed up and ready to begin her epic journey up the Appalachian Trail, a trip that covered 2,190 miles from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mt. Katahdin in Maine…….

My parting gift to her was a “Hello Kitty” doll that made the entire trip and I loved getting photos of how far “HK” had traveled…..

As she hiked, the other thru-hikers presented her with a “trail name”….a name that says something about her personality that her given name never could. Her name is Wildflower!!!

As I created the Meadow Art piece (now called “Meadow Walk”), I kept thinking about Lyn and her connection to nature, so “Meadow Walk” is going to live at her house now and hopefully remind her of her much loved trail days!!