Time with Sally Manke

Nationally known quilter, Sally Manke, was the speaker at our last guild meeting and then presented a 4 hour workshop the next day.  Both were special events.

She began her “Trunk Show” by showing some of her magnificent snippet quilts……IMG_4927

The depth achieved is amazing!!   

This is a technique that I am anxious to explore and am looking forward to the workshop.

This special portrait was made with cheese cloth (2 weights) and black thread stitching…..


Who says that you need complicated supplies to make something wonderful?

Sally had been at another local guild earlier in the day and had presented a workshop about using Inktense pencils in surface design.  This was one of the examples of that technique…..


Since it is a Sunflower, you KNOW that I loved it!!

This next quilt was made by couching tons of “sari silk ribbon” to a base fabric…..IMG_4945

I had never heard of Sari Silk Ribbon before…..514y oZbptL._SY450_

….but I sure wish that I had known about it when we were in India….I feel sure that it would be cheaper than buying it here!!!.      If we get to return then I will certainly be stuffing my suitcase with it!!

When she pulled out the next quilt…..IMG_4464

….I turned to Linda and said “Didn’t we see this in Houston?”.  As Sally talked about the quilt, she soon confirmed that it was indeed hanging at Houston.   I enjoyed hearing her talking about the creative process that came with this quilt.  I remember being particularly enamored with the barn…..IMG_4467

This psychedelic truck was my favorite of the evening…..IMG_4952

I love the little touches of 3-dimension that she added with the “leaves” on the trees!!

She ended the trunk show by showing one of her “Transportation” series quilts…….IMG_4955

We have all seen photos of these cute and creative bicycles as they sped across Facebook and I am happy to say that I have not only seen them in person, but have met the woman who made them!!!

Sally was a vibrant and interesting speaker and we were all sad when she arrived at the end of her program.   If you ever get the chance to hear her be sure that you do so!!!

The next day I took a workshop with her and will post more about that in the coming days…..