Well, I guess that I will join the rest of the Southeastern US Bloggers and talk about the unusual weather we are having.  Yesterday (Monday) somewhere  between 7 and 9 inches of snow fell and everything is pretty much shut down here.

Fortunately we have managed to keep our electricity going so I have enjoyed having some extra time in my studio where I have been working on a Split Nine Patch pattern.

Hubby and I ventured out to the store this morning and found the bread aisle looking like this…..


As you can see, people here tend to panic at the mere mention of bad weather!!!!

I took a little walk around the street and found this wonderful  “punk hairdo” snowman in my next door neighbor’s yard…..

_1111305 They obviously brought out their imagination when building him…._1111309

_1111312The snow makes everything so pretty……   _1111319and I love the shapes that you find in the trees and on the ground……_1111326 _1111320

So anyway, the cat is comfy outside…….

_1101293 The birds are fighting over the feeder…….


and all is right with the world!!!!


Like every other blogger on the East Coast, the big news for me is the SNOW and LOTS of it. As this photo shows, we had over 6-1/2 inches….and this photo was taken about 2 hours before the snow stopped!!!!

Unfortunately, we lost our electricity for about 19 hours and our house got REALLY cold, but, the fun thing was that it caused my husband and I to both slow down and spend some time talking and planning. We started out talking about some of our past and upcoming travel and then moved on to talking about writing books (Michael has already written three scientific books). As we talked, we decided that it would be fun to try to write a book full of the anecdotes and travel tips…maybe even working together on it. Ask us in a year how it is going!!! While talking about this idea, we started reading our travel journals from our Bahamas trip and our Italy trip back in the 90’s. It was such fun to re-live these wonderful times.

Anyway, back to the snow…… here are a few photos of our yard.

Fortunately, we did not lose any big trees….just a few branches here and there.

Quilting has been put on hold for the last few weeks, although I did teach a 2-part machine quilting class at my local shop. This week I am busy getting ready for our guild show coming up this next weekend. I am in charge of setting up the civic center on Thursday…always a fun day!!!

More later…..