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Day 8 – Tuesday, October 28th

The Serendipity

Airlie Beach

This was a travel day as we left Brisbane about noon and flew North to Proserpine to meet up with Danny and Ruth. They met us at the airport holding a sign that said “YANKS”!!!! We got into their rental car, which was complete with furry car seats (who knows what it was covering) and a side mirror held on with chewing gum!!!

We drove about 30 minutes to the hotel at Airlie Beach which is where the boat sails from. We drove to the marina and had a look at our “Vessel of Death”. We then spent some time driving around the bay and also did some shopping, both for souvenirs and also for important missing food items….namely wine and Tim Tams (a wonderful chocolate fudge cookie).

Dinner was at the Airlie Beach Sailing Club. When you went in you had to sign in and prove that you did not live within 5 kilometers of the club…..in order to be open, it has to be a club for travelers. The club makes most of it’s money from the poker machines and the grog (alcohol) which means that the meals are super cheap. We began the meal with a basket of cheese and bacon bread. This could have been the entire meal as they were huge and tasted a lot like pizzas. Danny and I had the pork roast dinner which had a huge amount of meat, along with lots of roasted veggies. Ruth had a Thai Prawn Curry that she said was wonderful and Michael had the standard fish and chips. Each of these meals was only $14.

We walked along a small inlet area and then headed back to the hotel, where we fell thankfully into bed.

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