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Day 24 – Thursday, November 13th

Photos from the “Dry” part of the trip!!!!!

Michael woke me up this morning to see that the Magpie had entered the living room and was waiting for him to get a cracker. Later in the morning, he came in a grabbed a bug out of the corner of the room….guess he was tired of crackers!!

After breakfast we rented a small motor boat and went out for a two hour ride. About 15 minutes into the trip, we spotted three dolphins that have been trapped inside the lake and cant get out because the water levels are too low to allow them to return to the ocean. They seemed to love the sound of the motor and swam very close to us, cutting under the boat several times. After trying to photograph them, I finally decided to just watch and enjoy!!

As the trip progressed, the wind (and waves) became stronger and stronger so that at the end of the trip, Michael and I were both drenched, even though we were wearing our water proof wind breakers. Danny and Ruth were sitting at the back of the boat and stayed dryer, but we all ran for the house to change clothes.

After lunch we drove into the town of Moruya (pronounced More…ooo..ya) and did a bit of shopping and had afternoon tea.

For dinner we went to the Tuross Head Country Club. This is a typical Aussie sport club where we can go in as temporary members and eat, drink or play slot machines. We were surprised by the age of the people in the club, realizing that we reduced the average age greatly when we entered. It was “roast night” at the club and they specialized in roast pork and chicken with lots of different kinds of vegetables. Michael and I chose to skip the roast, but to have Chicken Schnitzel with chips and gravy. The food was wonderful!!! While we were waiting for our food, we watched a group of people playing lawn bowls. Danny and Ruth have promised to teach us later this week.

We returned to the caravan park and enjoyed sitting on the front porch for a while. We watched one of the young men fish out of his boat and hook a small Sting Ray. They could not safely get the hook out so they cut the line and encouraged the sting ray to swim back into the lake.

As we went to bed, there were a group of guys next door to us who were trying to play a Didgeridoo. A couple of them were pretty good.

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