Another top finished

I spent yesterday and this afternoon working on the quilt that I mentioned in the last post and am very pleased with the result. Since we have recently purchased a queen size mattress and the only quilts that I have are for a full size, I think that I will use it on our bed.

The next step is to get the backing fabric ready to go so that I can baste it. Since I dont have tons of really big pieces of fabric, I think that I am going to try a tip that I learned at and cut the backing fabrics into 10.5 inch squares and piece the back from a lot of different fabrics.

I am VERY excited that I have used my stash and my scrap basket to make both of the last two quilts!!!

Well, so much for a weekend of quilting fun… it is back to my desk and computer. I know that I will be through soon, but right now I feel like I am trying to empty a big barrel that keeps filling from the bottom!!!!

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