Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

Professor Arnold — I wish!!

On Tuesday, I had the great privilege to speak to a class at the University of Georgia, in the Family and Consumer Science Department. The class was in textiles and textile design and it was really fun to tell them about quilting. They asked good questions and only one girl struggled to stay awake (my husband, who IS a professor said that this is a common occurrence)!!!

I own quite a history of quilts, having some made by my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and myself, and, as you can imagine, I am able to present a wide variety of styles and techniques.

I have given this class to 3rd graders before, but never to twenty-somethings. The woman who helped me, Nancy B., said that there really isn’t much difference between them!!!

Since I had all of the quilts packed up into three large suitcases, I decided to use the rest of the afternoon to photo document all of them. Our local Art Center has a wonderful fiber room with a huge design wall, and excellent lighting, so I went there to take the photos. I will try to show them over then next few months.

OK…enough of this….out to work in the yard!!!!

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