Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

Day 1 – Sunday, May 31st

Well, our first flight was delayed!!!! The pilot’s first comments were wonderful….something along this line……”I have no explanation for the delay. It is clear in Atlanta and clear in New Jersey. I guess the Air Traffic Controllers are just mad that they cant be out on the golf course on this beautiful Sunday.”

Despite leaving about 30 minutes late, we arrived in Newark with no problems. Neither of us have ever been to New York City, so it was lots of fun to see the skyline from the plane and then to glimpse the Statue of Liberty. One of these days we are going to spend some time in the country and do some sightseeing.

Our flight to Lisbon was wonderful. Michael had diligently pursued our sitting in an emergency exit row and it was worth all of his trouble. We had tons of leg room and it made the 6-1/2 hour flight much more enjoyable.

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