Bonnie Hunter was amazing!!!

Yesterday, I visited the Hall County Quilt Guild in Gainesville, Georgia where Bonnie Hunter was speaking. I have followed her blog for almost a year and am also a big fan of her website.

As far as I am concerned, she is the QUEEN of scrap quilting and has a wonderful “scrap saver system” where you cut your scraps into specific sizes of strips, squares and bricks. Then, you can use those scraps to make wonderful quilts….she even gives the FREE patterns on her website!!!

Early in the year, I became interested in trying to clean up my scraps and then make use of them and I have been working on my scraps for about the last 6 months. My basket started out looking like this……

but is now down to this…….

and my storage drawers are full of wonderful pieces already cut and ready to go into beautiful scrap quilts!!!

Bonnie was a vivacious speaker and I came away truly encouraged by her words!!! Please dont miss a chance to see her in person!!!

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