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Christmas Decorations…..Texas Style

I have spent most of this week in Abilene, Texas, attending the funeral for my Mother’s Husband and trying to help her get settled down again.    One of the perks to this trip was that I was reminded about the wonderful way in which Texan’s decorate for Christmas. 

These photos are not the greatest ones…..it is hard to photograph at night and some were take  on my cell phone……but here are a few to brighten your days…….

I love these “mushroom” trees…….Photo_120809_002 (2)

And these wrapped tree trunks…….

PC090132 (2) 

And this one went all the way……

PC090116 (2)

And here is what happens when you start playing around with the camera…….

PC090102 (2)

These displays make my little trees out front look kind of puny, but I still get a thrill when 5:00 pm rolls around and they click on!!

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