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A look back at 2009

WOW….remember when it was 1999 and we were all worried about Y2K??  Can you believe that it was  TEN years ago??

At the end of last year, I photographed 18 projects that I considered unfinished and set a goal to complete a few of them in the new year.  I actually managed to do that, finishing up two small ones as gifts, two queen size quilts, and one lap size  that turned into a charity quilt for my guild.  I also got the Christmas lap quilt from the previous post a WHOLE lot closer to being finished.

During the year I participated in the British Quilt List calendar challenge and finished all twelve quilts before the clock stuck midnight on December 31st!!  I also participated in our guild  Polka Dot challenge and their show challenge .

I worked on four different charity quilts….. one given to a local Cancer treatment center, and 4 given to local Relay for Life programs.

I had the opportunity to sell my first quilt which was quite a thrill and also got to teach in a LOT of new venues (some of which have invited me back in 2010).

I completed my first whole cloth quilt and fell further in love with machine quilting.  I tried something totally new with two quilts based on stairs photographed in Porto, Portugal.  I played some with painting on fabrics and even did a bit of hand embroidery.

I finished a quilt that was a collaboration between my Mother and myself and we have seen it displayed in 3 different shows.  I am considering sending in the Paducah application on Monday and see if I can get it there as well.

I gave myself permission to put the needle felting machine  away and NOT feel guilty that I really dont like using it. 

I cut ALL of my scraps into usable sizes and have already made a wallhanging, a lap quilt and a queen size quilt from that stash.    In addition, I have USED much more fabric than I have BOUGHT this year!!

Finally, I have not left any projects unfinished.  I dont consider the “People on a Train” quilt to be unfinished yet…..it is simply set aside for a short time.

All in all, it has been a wonderful year, both on a personal level and also in my quilting life, so…….……



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  1. A Happy new Year to you too. You must feel so proud of all that you have achieved this year and raring to go in 2010. It has been lovely following your progress on your blog, which always gets read even if I don't always comment.

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