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Dem bones…dem bones….dem FRIAR bones

This afternoon we decided to talk a short walk to the church of the Santa Maria della Immacolata Concezione and into the Cappuccin Crypt.  The 6 small rooms contain the bones of more than 4,000 friars who died between 1528 and 1870.  For some unknown reason, they decided to set these bones artistically in homage to the fallen.  Unfortunately, you were not allowed to take photos, but I found some online that were pretty good so I will show those here…..

As you walk in, it looks much like a normal church with decorations on the walls and ceilings.  As you look closer, you see that the decorations are actually bones!!!   They are used to create faux columns, coats of arms, etc.  In particular, the individual vertebrae were used to create the look of vaulted ceilings.

One of the crypt rooms is called the “Crypt of the Skulls”, another the “Crypt of the Hips”, also the “Crypt of the Tibia and Fibia” and finally, the “Crypt of the Three Skeletons.”   cappuchin-crypt-cripta 100_4837 bone-church-2 bone-church-3 bone-church-4     The inscription in the last crypt gives the message of the crypt….”We were what you are…..you will become what we are now.”

One of the most interesting pieces in the crypt were the lamps which were also made from bones…..


I did learn one bit of trivia……the Cappuccin monks were different from usual monks in that they didn’t cloister themselves but instead lived among the people.  They wore brown cowls with white collars and thus the term Cappuccino was taken from them.

After leaving the Crypt, we enjoyed walking thru the church above the crypt.  It was a much smaller church and obviously used as a local church by people in this area.  We are planning to visit during a service sometime before we leave Rome.

We then made our way to another of the local grocery stores and bought a few items that the other store didn’t carry.  The stores are fun as they are a maze of aisles….no perpendicular lines in here!!!!  You follow one aisle until it dead-ends and then retrace your steps to get to another area of the store.  Each store has a deli meat section that contains tons of different meats, cheeses and fresh breads……TOO many options!!!!   Their actual meat counter is more limited, but you can find lots of pork and some chicken and beef.  However, the pasta section is huge….there are bags and bags of different kinds of pasta along with jars and jars of pasta sauces.  You can also buy fresh pesto in the deli area.

If you buy fresh produce, you bag it and weigh it yourself.  The price is determined by entering the number of the bin that they came from.

The shopping carts are cute…..they are large red basket that have handles that can be carried, or you can slip another handle up and roll them like you would a suitcase.  You have to bring your own bags or by them for .05 Euro.  

Oh, and one comment about the bread…..we are on a search for a SOFT crusted bread but have yet to find one.  The ones that we have now would break your teeth….but dont get me wrong….they are wonderful in flavor!!!!!

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