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Magazine Overload


Magazine Overload

HELP….I am suffering from magazine overload!!!!   I used a bunch of  soon-to-expire airline miles to purchase ELEVEN subscriptions, and that doesn’t include the two quilt magazines that I receive, or the two magazines that my husband gets….or the Australian Geographic that is a gift from Aussie friends!!!

SO, I have had to give myself permission to NOT read all of them but to just scan, read selective parts and then pass them on!!!

If you want to know about ANYTHING that is going on in the world….just ask me!!!!

3 thoughts on “Magazine Overload

  1. Hey Frances – the Watkinsville library has a box in the sale room (across from the circulation desk) for donated magazines (only for the last year). Patrons bring them in, and they go out as fast as they come in. Kind of a swap box. Elderly folks go in to pick out a few, and kids looking for magazines with pictures they can cut out for a school project…I did the same thing you did one year when I could get subscriptions for $5. This made me feel better when I couldn't go thru them all.

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