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Anatomy of a Quilt Show Setup Day

On Thursday I spent the day helping to set up for the Cotton Patch Quilter Guildt Show. 

We entered the Civic Center at 7:00am to see an empty room….except for the tables and chairs that we had requested…..


The first step is to tape out the floor so that we know exactly where the vendor booths and frames will go.  Then the sheets for the Vendor booth’s go up on the walls…..


And here come the frames…..

 _3031724 _3031727 _3031733


As you can see, we had lots of help from our husbands and other male friends.

Next step….get the quilt hanging poles ready for each bay…..


Here are the quilts ready to be moved into their bays….._3031745

Staging crews go first and place the quilts on their appropriate hanging pole…


And hanging crews put them up on the frames….._3031831 

Name tags are added…….


Then the floor is cleared, the doors are closed and the ribbons arrive.   Who will win this lovely purple ribbon?????

_3031864 The preview party is held where all of the winners are announced and then the doors are opened to reveal our WONDERFUL SHOW!!!!!   Three days, 250 quilts, 12 vendors and LOTS of good times to come.

I cant wait!!!!

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Quilt Show Setup Day

  1. Frances, the quilt show was wonderful. Beautiful quilts and the vendors were just the best. Thank you for all the hard work you and the guild do to share with fellow quilters.

  2. My word, I have had a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for sharing the quilt show process, it was fascinating and looked like a lot of hard work. I do hope that it achieved the success it deserved. Love the red quilt and also the flower piece you have started to create.

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