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UGA BFA Exit Show

Michael and I enjoyed attending the Exit Show for all of the Bachelor in Fine Arts graduating Seniors.  The two large galleries were filled with photographs, prints and jewelry that had been crafted by the soon-to-be graduates. 

This is one of the pieces created by our friend Olivia……


Her pieces were planned to re-create the days of Flannery O’Connor and the “over the top” Southern lady’s jewelry.


It was fairly crowded, so a bit hard to get photos but I did really appreciate this one…..

_4232343 These books are all journals that the artist has kept for years and years and we were encouraged to flip thru them and re-live her life.

Made me wish that I had been keeping journals for this long!!!!

While waiting for the show to open, we found this wonderful “room of color”…..


A great night!!!!!

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