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Enjoying our Elders…..

A couple of weeks ago we spent the evening with a wonderful couple, Harold and Harriet W.

_4282381They are both in their 80’s and have lived a full and varied life.  They both have PhD’s and were involved in education for most of their lives.  

Early on in their marriage, they lived for about 18 months in Alaska.  Harriet has written a book that is based on the letters that she wrote to her Mother during the time away.  It was a very interesting look at life in that frozen world!!

Harold has written several books about his time in the Air Force and is in the process of publishing yet another book about his life. 

They both have a great love for God and have spent their lives honoring Him in the things that they do.

WHAT A GREAT INSPIRATION!!!!   Michael and I both want to use their lives as a blueprint and hope that we are still active and vibrant as we get older.

Thanks Harold and Harriet for allowing us into your home and for sharing your life with us…….

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