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“Chillin” in Kunming…..

On Sunday we  basically had a “rest and recuperate” day!!!     I spent most of the morning reading (by the way, we LOVE having the Kindle’s with us).

We were both having some stomach issues and, due to our semi-functioning toilet, spent a bit of the day going up and down stairs (6 flights!!)  to the bathroom in the Science Building. 

We did take a walk to Salvador’s and had an enjoyable lunch and walk back home again.   That was about it for the day!!!!

We took a photo of this video store……IMG_0226

…..and to quote “Money” magazine……”This store might be selling pirated DVD’s!!!  (this was seriously a caption on a photo that I saw)

The highlight of our short outing was this gentleman sitting with his dog and serenading the passing public……_6052746  We have a 30 second video of him and I will try to get it up on YouTube (and linked here), but I am not promising anything!!!

I laughed at this sign in the Kunming Institute of Zoology Building……

IMG_0230….maybe I should visit there a few times before we return home!!!

OH….and on the “Hello” count, we had two young girls shyly say hello to us!!!

Finally, our friend, Simon,  who has spent many years in Asian countries sent this information about “The Four Plagues” from yesterday’s post…….

“The Four Pests”, this public hygiene campaign was started by Mao in 1958 as a campaign against mosquitoes, flies, rats, and sparrows. (Sparrows were included on the list because it was believed at the time that they ate grain seeds). By early 1960, Chinese leaders realized that sparrows ate more insects than grains and Mao ordered the end of the campaign against sparrows, replacing them with “bedbugs”. The later revival of the Four Pests campaigned against cockroaches so the current “4” are mosquitoes, flies, rats and cockroaches.

…..Good to know!!!!

2 thoughts on ““Chillin” in Kunming…..

  1. Enjoyed the YouTube video. I do have a question. If he was here you would know that he was busking and hoping for money from those passing. Was he busking or was he purely enjoying playing for those who were passing?

  2. A really interesting post. I have just watched the video and love the way that he watched the person who walked dismissively past towards the end. Wonder what he was thinking. Certainly more entertaining that some of the buskers we get over here.

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