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Upgrades are GOOD things….

On Monday morning, we headed to the airport to catch our flight from Beijing to Seattle.  While we waited at the gate, we got to wondering about our seats for the Seattle to Atlanta flight, so Michael fired up his computer to have a look.

We were surprised when we got onto our itinerary because it showed us sitting in seats 4E & 4F on the overseas flight, but we were holding boarding passes for 20A and 20B!!!   The  mystery was solved when we checked in and started to board the plane.  A woman came running after us and told us that we were being given a complimentary upgrade to Business Elite…..if we wanted it!!!!   And, boy did we want it…..

When we were first flying, I looked out the window and couldn’t figure out what this was and finally decided that the small patches were small villages.  They were so evenly spaced…. IMG_0543

The flight was wonderful and we greatly enjoyed…

….real Diet Coke served in a glass……

IMG_0530  ….complimentary wine…..IMG_0535

….dishes of honeyed nuts….


Appetizers of grilled shrimp served with mustard sauce and couscous……IMG_0536

…..loved these cute salt and pepper shakers…..IMG_0538
For dinner, I chose steak with oven fries and asparagus….  IMG_0541

while Michael had chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and spinach…..


but when the dessert cart arrived, we knew that we were onto a good thing….


We did find a few things that we might want to complain about….

First of all, the seat in front was SO far away that it was hard to reach your complimentary water bottles or your food and drink menu!!!!IMG_0532

Secondly, there were just TOO many buttons to control the seat positions…..it was confusing!!!!!IMG_0540   The ice cream was so hard in the chocolate sundae that we had to wait for a full 10 minutes before we could eat it!!!! IMG_0548 

There was almost too much of the deliciously sweet port wine.  Don’t they know that it is better to leave the table a little bit hungry!!!!IMG_0551The complimentary shoes were too soft….IMG_0555And finally, there was no silver teapot for my cuppa….the attendant actually did apologize for this!!!! IMG_0552

Even with all of the “problems” the flight was memorable…..


  ….at least for Michael….I remember very little!!!!

It was fun to see Mount Rainier in the distance as we landed…….


It was also fun to see Michael spend a few special moments with his I-Phone that had been out of service for the past 5 weeks!!!!IMG_0573

The good things continued when we arrived in Seattle and found out that we could hang out in the “Sky Club” which served complimentary drinks and food and had internet access!!!!

The final flight was comfortable and fast.  We traveled thru some amazing thunderstorms and the cloud formations were beautiful….

  IMG_0575 IMG_0590 IMG_0593

We landed in Atlanta and were met by Brian and Amber.  The drive home was uneventful and we were soon happily ensconced on our comfortable couch and recliner!!!

The best part of the day was waking up that night and wondering where I was and then the bliss of realizing that I am at home in my OWN bed!!!!

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