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When we were in Kunming, China, we visited with a previous acquaintance  by the name of Aling.   She is originally from the southwest part of Yunnan Provence, close to the Burma border.

HERE is the post from my first meeting with her…..

She is a master of many crafts, starting with making bags, then turning to jewelry,  and ending up with photography and  painting.   Some years ago she started using the scraps left from her bags to make mosaic fabric art and this is what captured my imagination!!!

She uses a paste made from rice flour and water to stick the snippets of fabric to a stretched canvas, making a very durable art form.

This is the third time that we have visited with her and each time have brought her some fabrics from the US.

On this trip we learned that she had opened a store to feature her wonderful work.  It was there that we saw this piece……

DSC00528 Well, Michael and I both fell in love with it and decided that we had to have it.

Aling and her husband were visiting the US in July to put on a show, so they shipped the piece along with the show art and then sent it on to us when the show was over.

It arrived on Thursday and we are SO enjoying having it hanging above the piano.  It is in the perfect spot so that I can view it while relaxing in the living room.

AND….it even has a bit of one of the Kaffe Fasset fabrics that I took to her…..


It is a fun and colorful reminder of some of the good times from our trip!!!

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