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A Stocking for Amber

Eighteen months ago our son Brian married Amber, a wonderful young woman!!!  It dawned on me this year that I had not made her a Christmas stocking so I set out to rectify that.

The first step was to come up with a design to use.  Our family stockings were made when we were living in Australia and reflected that time of our life…..

_B283475 (2) 

I knew that I wanted something that would fit  Amber  but also wanted to keep the same design of the previous stockings.

Since Brian and Amber are recent cat owners, I started looking for a Christmas kitten pattern that would work.   The first that I came across was this needlepoint design…..

DSC01540I covered it with a transparency and traced the general outline…..

DSC01543  I realized that he needed to face the other direction to best fit on the stocking so I simply turned the paper over, being sure to mark which was the front.

I then placed the transparency on the light box, placed a Teflon pressing sheet on top of the transparency and began to build the design.  It was very easy to see where the pieces were to be placed….


After I ironed the design onto the Teflon sheet, I peeled the entire picture off in one piece and placed it onto the stocking…..DSC01546 

The final step was to outline all of the pieces, quilting at the same time…..


The final embellishment was to add a bell for the kitten to be pawing at. 

I am looking forward to filling this new stocking with goodies on Christmas morning!!!!


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