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A trip to the top….

This morning, Michael and I joined our friends, David and Lyn, in a hike to the top of Springer Mountain in Georgia.   The purpose of this trip was not just to do a bit of hiking, but instead to see Lyn off on an epic adventure…..she is planning to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail that starts in Georgia and ends in Maine!!!  The trip is about 2200 miles and normally takes about 6 months!!

This is a busy time for thru-hikers as most take the plunge in March and April, but we were totally unprepared for the number of cars in the parking area…..

_3105816 ….but soon realized that there were several Boy Scout groups hiking this weekend and many of the cars were for their groups.

We got ourselves organized and headed out for the approximate one mile hike to the top of Springer mountain. 

It was easy to know that we had arrived by the number of people who were congregated there…..

_3105836 There was a volunteer there making  note of how many hikers were beginning their journey.

_3105855  He told us that there were over 40 on Thursday, 25 on Friday and 11 had already set out on Saturday morning……I think that the trail is going to be REALLY crowded!!!

We met one hiker, Patrick, who had arrived yesterday  from England and was starting the hike today.  I can’t imagine fighting  jet-lag AND hiking at the same time!!!


Lyn signed into the AT log……


….checked out the scenery…..


…..took a photo with her “Hello Kitty” mascot and her hiking headdress…..


…..prayed with us and took a group photo…..


…..and she was off…….


Happy Trails Lyn…..see you in Maine!!!!

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