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Fiber Frenzy River Challenge

Last Friday my Fiber Frenzy group met to disclose our “River Challenge” pieces and, as usual, there was a lot of variety.

Shirley was first up and she based her quilt on a Sawmill located up in the Georgia mountains.  She told us that it was done entirely from memory.  I love the small chain used on the posts……


Pat is doing a wonderful job of showing the beautiful sunset.  Her leaves have been worked with thread on netting and still have to be cut out and attached…..


Sue wanted to do something “out of this world” and ended up with a black hole sucking up her river.  We loved the look of the river and the skeletal fish….


Fay stepped outside of her box and made this cute fish quilt.  She said that her inspiration came from the blue and green stripe fabric…..DSC02918

Deb is working on a Frank Lloyd Wright interpretation.  I LOVE the colors and the mixture of piecing and applique……DSC02909  

Nancy tried a lot of different techniques on her piece and plans to add a few more things to her rolling river……DSC02912

Madeline captured the lazy days of summer.  The trees were thread-painted over a felt background and it gave so much dimension to the picture…..DSC02913

Francyne had always wanted to feature Blue Herons in a quilt and found this to be the perfect project.  All of the fabrics are commercial ones except for the water and she did a beautiful job of putting everything into perspective.  The little wispy white feathers on the Heron breast are actual feathers!!…..DSC02914

Jodie used her painting skills to add interest to the background fabrics and then used thread painting for the tree.  The trunk fabric was actually an “Aspen” fabric, but she was able to turn it into a pine tree using thread.  She said that the scariest part was doing the thread painted needles actually on the quilt top!!!


I have shown it before, but here is my contribution…..


We are hoping to be able to entry them in a local show and display them all with the river edges meeting up…..should be a fun display!!!!

2 thoughts on “Fiber Frenzy River Challenge

  1. What wonderful projects! (I recognize so many of those names! I miss the guild there so much! The guild I'm part of here is very traditional and we don't really learn much in the way of new techniques. Sweet ladies, though.)I love that they can all be placed side by side and “a river runs through it.” 🙂

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