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It’s Fall Festival Time

Before I begin this post I would remind you that I was raised in the heart of Texas, where there is not ever a true Autumn.  The leaves on the trees simply turn brown and drop to the ground.

With that as my background, I was totally unprepared for the beauty of an Autumn season in Georgia.  Many years ago (1992 to be exact), my youngest was starting to school and I decided that it was time to get fit, so I started walking every day.  I was totally enamored as I walked, watching the leaves do their dance from green to orange to brown and then twirl and swirl their way to the ground.  As a matter of fact, this quilt was designed during many of these walks…..P4211084 (2)

But, I have strayed from the purpose of this post…..  one of the best things about Autumn in Georgia are the many Festivals that exist.  You can travel thru a maze made of corn, pick Pumpkins right out of the patch and many other wonders.  But, our favorite event is the Oconee County Fall Festival.DSC07049

Michael and I love walking past the 200+ booths and shopping for fun things, big and small.  You can….

……buy “art” for your yard……DSC07050

….buy every sort of Jam or Pickle……DSC07055

…..get your face painted (this little girl was standing SO still)……DSC07056

…..pick up some locally made pottery…….


……take home a- basket……


…..have fun with a balloon character…….


…..and even buy a chance to win your very own John Deere…..


For the children there were…..

…..train rides…..


….pony rides…..DSC07047

……a corn box to play in (picture a sand box but filled with dried corn kernels)……DSC07048

BUT, one of our favorite things about the Festival is the FOOD!!!   You can get fried Oreos, fried Pickles,  Kettle Popcorn, Kebabs, Hamburgers, Lemonade, and many other Southern specialties. 

My favorite is…..drum roll…….DSC07064

……a Funnel Cake.    I eat one per year because they can’t be good for you!!!  The dough batter is dropped by strings into hot oil and fried until crisp.  The better ones are then covered in powdered sugar, as was I after I finished eating!!  The wind was blowing some and there was a puffy trail of sugar following me as I walked.  And, yes, I ate all of it……


Michael chose a Pulled Pork Sandwich which was served with a slice of cheese and a messy amount of BBQ sauce…..


We finished our morning with a walk around the Oconee Farmer’s Market and visiting a few antique stores along the Main Street of Watkinsville.  Here was the best shot of the day…..Michael and his special friend……


You would only find this on Main Street of a small town and I am happy to say that it is OUR small town and OUR Fall Festival.

Hope you are enjoying your Autumn season (or Spring Season depending on which side of the world you are on)!!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Fall Festival Time

  1. First of all the quilt is gorgeous and I do like the story behind it.It was great looking through your pictures of the County fair. Fun! But my eyes really lit up when I saw the funnel cake. We don't have them here and It wasn't until we went to the baseball in PA a couple of years back that I had one. I am now hooked. It's a good thing we don't have because I would eat too many!

  2. Lovely quilt. I can't imagine being without the colours of Autumn. Thanks for sharing the festival. I can understand why you only eat one funnel cake a year even though it looks so tempting.

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