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Finished top


About 9:00pm last night I finished attaching the last border!!

I couldn’t find a place large enough to pin it up so ended up laying it out in the downstairs foyer and photographing from the stairs…..


I am really pleased with the result and cant wait to get onto the quilting.

I am struggling a bit with the arrangement of my studio.  It doesn’t seem to be as user friendly as I had hoped.  Don’t know if it is just that I am not used to it yet or if I need to do some rearranging…..guess time will tell.

I do know that I need to clean up the table to the right of my machine.  I don’t have as much room there now as I used to so think that some of the “stuff” may need to move to a shelf or maybe I need to build a small shelf to sit on the floor just under the table.

I did have one AHA moment when I thought about opening out the other side of the table which made it MUCH easier to pin on the borders….just wish that I had thought of about 5 borders ago!!!!


Ok, enough talking…..back to the studio to design the backing….

4 thoughts on “Finished top

  1. I love it. Just keep using the studio and make a note of anything that appears not to be quite right. After a while collect all the notes together and review whether you can, or need to, make any changes.

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