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2013, here I come…..


thYes, it is time to look to the upcoming year…..it should be an interesting one!!!

I will begin the year by having surgery on my knee this Thursday so that I will hopefully be able to easily climb the stairs to my studio!!!  My sweet husband has already agreed to bring my quilting tables downstairs for a few weeks until I get off of crutches.  Since it is my left knee, I am anticipating being able to continue quilting on the Flower Pot quilt.

I am excited about working thru this year’s Income Tax Season, especially getting to work in my new office…..now if Congress would just decide exactly what will be taxed, and how much tax will be levied!!!!

I am looking forward to our local guild quilt show the first weekend in March.  If you are in the area, be sure to visit!!!

At this point, we don’t have any overseas trips planned for the upcoming year, however we are looking forward to a trip to Chicago to visit our daughter and I may accompany Michael on a trip to Wyoming next December.

Basically, I hope to spend the year enjoying family, friends and the joy of creating!!

I wish the same for you and your family…….

4 thoughts on “2013, here I come…..

  1. Sorry I am late in wishing you a good and successful 2013. I hope that your surgery went well. Michael is definitely a treasure.

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