I’ve Been Quilting!!!

On Thursday,  I was able to get rid of one of my crutches which made it MUCH easier to climb the stairs to my studio.  So, I have been spending a few hours each day working on the quilting for the Flower Pot Quilt.

I was very unsure about how I was going to quilt this piece and still am not sure about the blocks, but had a good idea about the border.  When we were talking about it, my friend Deb had commented that she was looking forward to seeing some “organic” designs in the quilting.   So I chanted the word “organic” and off I went…..

photo-2 (2)

I am working the borders in a mixture of echo quilting and other “organic”  shapes…..

photo-3 (2)

The only problem was that, after quilting one border, I ran out of thread on the spool……


This morning I made a quick trip to the shop and now have plenty of thread to do the job. 

As of this evening, all of the borders are finished and I am trying to get some idea of what to do inside the blocks.

If nothing else, it has been great to be upstairs again!!!!

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