Rio Grande River Gorge

On Saturday morning we drove back to Taos, once again taking the high road.  We couldn’t resist stopping to take a few more pictures…..


The scenery is SO open and gorgeous and the sky is SO, SO, SO blue!!!


Our first stop was at the Rio Grande Gorge State Park.  It was interesting to drive up to it and not see any sign of the gorge until you are right on it.  The first clue were the vendors surrounding the park entrance…..


…especially loved this bus…..


We walked behind these vehicles and found the entrance to the park area where we could walk along the edge of the gorge.  Since we were still a little tired from yesterday’s walk, we didn’t walk far, but enjoyed the views….


However, the very best views were those from the bridge across the gorge….


It is amazing to realize that such a small river could cause so much erosion to create such a huge crevice in the ground.


We returned to Taos, going to pick up the painting that we had seen a few days before.  We asked the artist where he would suggest that we eat and he sent us to “Graham’s Grille” where Michael enjoyed an open-face Gyro…..


…while I scarfed down a wonderful barbeque pork sandwich….


We drove slowly back to Santa Fe and started packing up for the trip back to Abilene…..

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