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Now what does Brian do again???


This is a question that I have been asked many times….people want to know where our son, Brian, is working.  So, a couple of weeks ago I spent a few minutes with him at work (in his apartment) and got the lowdown.

Brian is a Sound and Music Designer, and has been doing freelance work for the last four years and has done a bit of everything…..

At times he is  audio engineering podcasts with “Gaming Union” in the UK.

At times he is doing sound effects and music for animated short films.

He spent a year working on a web series called “Abigail”…..click HERE to see the trailer.  He has won one award for his work on this series and been nominated for several others.

He has recently finished writing music for an online game called “Wind of Luck”.

He currently has a new job that I am not allowed to talk about here, but he is greatly enjoying working with a group of very creative computer graphics designers.

While he worked, I took a few photos of him in his working environment…..


I love his collection of office decorations…..


…..as well as his collection of stringed instruments…..


And, this painting was created for him by his very talented wife, Amber…..


You can check out his website HERE to see more of his work and hear some of the other compositions that he has done just for the fun of it!!

We are very proud of Brian and are glad that he has been able to find his niche in the creative world!!!!

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