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Cre8tive fun!!!

Last Thursday our little Creative group met for our annual Christmas gift exchange.   This year we decided to make flags for each other with no restrictions as to size or type

Now, I have known about this project since our meeting back in June, but didn’t manage to start on it until the Wednesday before!!!   I really didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do, but started out by looking for inspirational sayings and came up with “Do what you love” so that was my starting point.

I printed out the words on my computer and laid them out on my cutting table.  I also knew that I wanted to use a bunch of fun threads for the cording….DSC03817

I had originally planned to use a lot of buttons, but that idea soon faded away!

I pulled out some fabric that I had dyed many years ago and started cutting rectangles and adding words to them.  I decided to take my own advice and add flowers (something that I love) to the end of each side….DSC03820

At this point I had to figure out how to attach the flags to the string so a lot of fiddly sewing ensued.   Let’s just say that I am glad that the “cording” had lots of threads hanging off because it did a great job of hiding my stitches.

Here is the final product….


We started our meeting with all of the flag sets hidden away in bags…..


….but soon enjoyed revealing each bag’s secret.

Ruhanna made these cute, fuzzy headed women to remind us that “It’s gonna be o.k”……..


Brenda made this cute Christmas flag set which I was excited to receive!!!!…..



Deb inspired us with her “beautiful” batik leaves…..


We were all in awe of Cleo’s flags….these were done by sewing three layers of fabric together and then cutting out either one or two fabrics in each section….sort of like reverse applique……


Linda made these cute flags with fun inspirational sayings and lots of embellishments…..


Denise used recycled jeans to make her flags….


….and they are reversible too……DSC03839

Finally, Fay did some fantastic paper piecing and produced this fun piece…..


It was a fun, fun evening and I loved seeing what each person had created.

Now we have to decide on our NEXT project……

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