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UFO Finish

WOW….I have come up with a way of finishing UFO’s without even stepping foot in my studio….want to know my secret?

Last summer, I wrote about going thru my UFO’s and getting rid of some of those that I thought I would never finish.   As a result, I gave this square…..


…to the Charity Bee for my Quilt Guild.

It was made in a thread painting workshop, and while I learned a lot while making it, I knew that I would never actually use it.

So, apparently my friend, Nupur, took this block home, thought about it for while,  and turned it into this wonderful quilt…..


Now THAT is the way to finish a UFO!!!

Thanks Nupur for making me look good!!

3 thoughts on “UFO Finish

  1. You cheater, you! 🙂 I may have to consider trying this. I just donated a bunch of my ugly fabric to the charity bee–I felt kind of guilty, but then I'm pretty sure not everyone will think it was ugly fabric.

  2. Yup, outsourcing UFOs is the way to go!! 😉 I enjoyed playing with a few batik scraps and your blocks and trying something new.Sylvia, ugly fabrics are very useful- they get mixed in with other fabric for scrappy quilts and end up looking just fine. So thanks for the donation.

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