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It’s The Weekend!!!!

Weekends here are a bit different from at home as most things continue as normal on Saturday.  Michael’s class met from 11:00 to 1:00 and I joined him soon after for lunch.  Kirn produced our new SIM cards and we quickly got online to recharge them but, alas, the site wouldn’t take any of our credit cards so we still didn’t have a phone.

I used google maps to find a local Vodafone store and found one just down the main street from us.  I walked out (first time by myself) and easily found the store.  The only problem was that the small shop was closed!!   I asked the neighboring shop owner if he knew when it would open and he said to come back around 5:15.

I made the return trip to find that it was STILL closed….oh well, who needs a phone!!!

I laughed when I saw this van for a Pre-School named “Muddiee Toes”.  Some people come up with the CUTEST logos….DSC05359

We have seen a number of people using their cell phones while riding motor cycles….DSC05358

Michael saw one man who had his cell phone tucked between his ear and his shoulder!!  I can’t do that at the best of times and can’t imagine doing it while driving a cycle!!   Then, I saw two guys on a bike with the back one holding the phone to the front one’s ear!!!

When we were here in 2008 I had learned about Rangoli.  They are Hindu designs that are put at the front of doors to welcome the gods and bring good luck to the house.  This is the first one that included some flowers as well….DSC05360

These designs look like they are done with chalk, but they are actually made of rice flour that has been “pinched” by hand onto the walkway.  Some of the designs are very intricate!!

On Sunday morning we were picked up by an NCBS car and taken to the Bangalore Presbyterian Church which is pastored by our friend, Paul.  It was a beautiful service and we enjoyed singing praises in two different languages!!!

After church we were invited back to Paul and Shirley’s house for lunch, along with 4 men visiting from Ghana and another American (from Kentucky) who was in town on business.   We made quite a group…..DSC05381

When we said that we were having trouble with our cell phones, Paul and Shirley’s son, Joseph, offered to go to a local store and recharge them for us.  We were SO thankful to be connected again!!!

On both Saturday and Sunday night we had Monsoon-type rains for several hours.  It is the end of the Monsoon Season here so I guess that it was to be expected.  We would hear the thunder first and then the rains would come.  It was amazing to hear it pelting down around us but very nice to sleep to!!!  Fortunately, it has yet to rain while we are out and I hope that continues!!!

It is hard to believe that we have been here for a whole week…..the time has certainly flown!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend!!!!

  1. LOL at all the “only in India” moments! Sounds like a lovely weekend. Muddiee toes indeed! I'm always apprehensive about preschool names that are misspelled (muddiee instead of muddy). I mean, I want my kid to learn to spell properly at school 😉

  2. There is always so much to learn when living in another country. We even find a few things tricky when we come to the US, so not having the local language makes it extra tricky. Although i notice that does not hold you back!

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