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Tuesday in Mandara….

I just realized that I got the posts out of order and forgot to post this one……so here goes…..


On Tuesday morning, I set out to see a bit more of the neighborhood, turning a different direction than I do when I am going to the grocery store.   It quickly put me into a different sort of neighborhood and probably one that is populated with poorer residents.


The area was built around a small temple…..


…..with big doings happening on one side…..


There is obviously a Muslim area as there was a meat shop selling chickens and some other carcass….probably lamb or goat.  I giggled at the sign which advertised “Holesale prices”.


I followed this woman and her two children as they walked down the street….DSC05525


There were several new vendors on the street this morning, each selling Ganesh statues, getting ready for the upcoming Hindu festival…..DSC05532

Kanlee Sweets has always been one of our landmarks….we turn left to go to the grocery store, or we turn right there when we are coming back home.   Today I decided to go in and buy something……


Well, I looked at all of the cases and didn’t see ANYTHING that looked remotely familiar so ended up leaving with just a photo!!!!

I continued down this new street and saw another department store (Loyal City Supermarket) that I didn’t know existed.   This one had groceries on the ground floor, household supplies on the first floor and decorative goods on the second floor.

There were even some items being sold in between floors!!   This was the display on the stairs…..


I spent some time checking out the steel ware and have found a couple of other pieces that I may buy before we leave but first I will have to see how the stuff we have already bought fits in the suitcase!!!


I also found that apparently Indians like their gaudy bling as well……


There were two sweet young men helping on the top floor and when I mentioned that one of my purchases was going to be a gift, one of them ran around and looked until he found a box to put it in.   It was so kind!!

I passed a store with a great slogan on the door…..”If you step in, you will save money”!!

I have noticed that the Jewelry stores don’t really carry jewelry.   They have lots of silver bowls and other big items but not much to actually wear.

I passed a pre-school name “Nestlings” and advertised as “the best preschool”.

After meeting Michael at NCBS for lunch, I had a few minutes to kill as I waited for the bus so I spent time in a beautiful courtyard.   These were interesting flowers (or maybe they are fruits)….very waxy…..


And, this was a gorgeous arbor resplendent with hanging blossoms…..DSC05545

I walked down a path and came across this small outdoor classroom…..DSC05555


And a bit further down the path I ran into (literally)  this little lady…..


Driving back to Mandara I noticed a definite increase in traffic and vendors around the temple……


…..the festival is approaching!!!!

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