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Now comes the critique!!!

Now that I have finished the quilt…..
…..I wanted to look back and critique the process that I used. 
 I was excited to try Susan Carlson’s technique and I really like the flexibility and spontaneity that it allowed. However I am not super happy with the raw edges that it leaves. Perhaps I should have used more glue but am glad that I didn’t because, when I started quilting, the thread would shred when I hit spots that had more glue. 
Since this is a very organic structure I am not too worried about the thread but I wouldn’t want to use the technique on certain other pieces. The bottom line is that I think I will continue to use the technique but will mix it with a fusible web at times. 
On the positive, the hand of the fabric is better than with a fusible. 
I also enjoyed using various paints to slightly change the color of the stones and REALLY enjoyed using sponges to apply those paints.   As a matter of fact, without having done this first, I would never have thought to use the sponges to paint the trees on the “No Fishing” quilt.
 So the question is what to do next…. 
 I am in the middle of quilting my Queen size Pineapple quilt and want to have it finished for the upcoming show so that will be my next project, but what after that??
 I am pretty sure that I want to pursue more of these pictorial quilts from our travels. Michael suggested doing one based on the fishermen pulling their nets in….
 I am drawn to the way that all of their legs are in the same position. 
I also thought about this photo of our trek guide, Badri, making a water buffalo very happy.. 
The look on the buffalo’s face is one of pure enjoyment!!! 
I have also thought about the pack horses that we saw on the Nepal trek…..
 The sound of the bells around their necks will stay with me for a long time.
 Then there is this photo of Chinese women enjoying their morning exercises….
 I love the positioning of their bodies and the parasols 
So I will now head off to quilt and ponder what will come next.
Michael is also going to be looking for a new project soon.   Today he finished all of the leather work and just has the staining to do……
….and yes, he does have his next project picked out!!!

3 thoughts on “Now comes the critique!!!

  1. I looked up the technique (can never know about too many techniques!) and, assuming that you did exactly what she describes in her blog post on gluing, a couple of things came to mind. I'm not sure how dense your quilting is, but if it's dense enough to hold down all portions of the appliquéd fabric pieces, I think you could use a non-permanent fabric glue. The other thing that I noticed is that she applies it straight from the Aleene's bottle, and that tip is pretty wide. If you transferred it into a bottle with a narrower tip, I think you would not end up with an excess of glue on your fabric; you could just apply very thin lines around the outer edge of your fabric pieces. (You might have to water it down a bit, don't know if that would work.)I have really become a big fan of using glue in certain situation, but I use Elmer's washable school glue and the Sharon Schamber glue tips, which leave a very thin line of glue, and I've never had any difficulty sewing through it. It comes out in the wash, but for a wallhanging that might not matter. If you're interested in trying a quilt like this but with piecing, I just learned a VERY cool curve piecing technique that involves glue and lets you piece awesome tight freehand curves.

  2. Great critique. I appreciate Sylvia's comments and I am checking out the sites. Life is all about learning and most of us are life long students. Job security for Michael! lol You have great inspiration photos. Hard choice but I do like that line of legs! 🙂

  3. It is good to look back and review a process. The part that I really liked was when you used the paints and sponges. It made a huge difference to the appearance of your piece. I have definitely kept that one in mind for future reference.Good luck choosing the next one. You are spoilt for choice!

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