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Just hang it!!!

For MANY years I have changed the decorating in my home every 2 to 3 months, using various themes.   The normal schedule is ……

–  “Winter Blues” for Jan, Feb & March

–  “Spring Flowers & Birds” for April & May

–  “Take Me to the Beach”  for June, July & August

–  “Autumn Splendor” for September, October and November

–  and I can bet that you can guess the theme for December!!!

I also change the decor in my Kitchen and Keeping Room every month…mainly so I can display the small quilt that I have made based on the theme for the month.

Sometimes I get tired of making the changes but am always happy when it is all fresh and new.

As we have collected more art, I have also been changing the pictures that are on the walls.   The latest purchase is this quilted canvas made by Charles at GeekInStitches…..

img_7969.jpgI love the colors and design.    It is hanging on the wall next to the door to my office and has been a cheerful sight as I head in to work!!

I also found this needle felted piece when I was cleaning out my studio back in January……IMG_8277.jpg

I made it and then tried to sell it in the Guild Boutique at our show.   It never sold and somehow got mixed into my quilting supplies.   It has been fun to have it displayed as well.

Because of the changes every few months, I had to come up with ways to hang quilts that didn’t require putting TOO many holes in the wall.   Many years ago I found these wonderful wooden hangers by “The Hang Ups Company“….img_7965-1.jpg

The back has one hole that can be slid onto a nail or even a push pin……


It clips easily onto the binding of a quilt and I have fond that most of the small quilts can be hung with just one nail.img_7962.jpg

The only problem with this system is that often the top corners will bend over and flop around.   So, I found a way to stop this……I cut a strip of foam core board that is the width of the quilt.   Then I slide it into the sleeve…..


…..and the quilt hangs flat……


….and it can be hung on an existing nail!!!

The hanger that I like for my larger quilts is the “Hang It Dang It“.   It is a telescoping metal rod that slides into the sleeve.   Then there is a clip that attaches to the metal rod from outside of the sleeve.  The wonderful thing about this hanger is that it only uses ONE nail and it is self leveling!!    They are a bit pricey but I really like them for larger pieces.

So for now……just hang it!!!73862053_a10ea6835b.jpg




4 thoughts on “Just hang it!!!

  1. Oh that wee hanging frog is too cute. And I luv the ‘Geek’s’ small wall hanging.
    I change my stuff around often (seasonally) as well and have found ingenious ways to hang stuff so your hanger and foam core board are great tips. Framing is so classy. Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks Elle. Charles is in our quilt guild and is always looking online for new techniques and ideas. Last night he showed us a piece using free motion zigzag stitching. It was VERY cool!!

    1. Thanks Karen. I really do enjoy looking at the things on display and remembering the stories behind them, especially the ones where I just happened to be at the right place at the right time!!!

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